Some example scenarios where the system has been and is used for data acquisition and -visualization.


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The Hydro2Motion team used Kotori as the telemetry platform for their fuel cell powered vehicle at the Shell Eco-marathon europe 2015 in Rotterdam.

Open Hive

The Open Hive project is developing a low-power beehive monitoring appliance based on GPRS telemetry. Open source and open hardware.


The people of the Hiveeyes project are developing a flexible beehive monitoring infrastructure platform and toolkit based on affordable hardware, wireless telemetry and modern software. Open source, open hardware and a friendly community.

Hiveeyes Website Website

A DIY Citizen Science air quality monitoring platform based on open source software and open hardware. The idea is:

Das OK Lab Stuttgart widmet sich mit dem Citizen Science Projekt der Feinstaub­messung. Du und 299 Paten installieren selbst gebaute Messgeräte an der Außenwand ihres Hauses. Aus den übermittelten Daten generiert eine sich ständig aktualisierende Feinstaub-Karte für die gesamte Region. So wird Feinstaub sichtbar…


WeeWX is a popular, free, open source weather station data collection software. It is written in Python and runs under most versions of Linux, as well as macOS, *BSD, and Solaris. Many users are running it on the Raspberry Pi.

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LST Mbed Binary

Munich University of Applied Sciences Website

The Labor für Systemtechnik at the Munich University of Applied Sciences uses a binary data telemetry format based on the schema of C structs.

Arduino firmware builder

Automate builds of Arduino projects to serve custom firmware images.

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