Python package


Kotori can be installed in different variants.

Setting up Kotori as Python package is suitable for general Hacking on Kotori or for installing on platforms where there’s no native distribution package available yet.

Python Eggs can be installed into virtualenvs and into the system, both in editable and non-editable modes.

Get ready


# Prepare system
apt install build-essential libffi-dev libssl-dev python-dev python-pip python-virtualenv


We definitively recommend to install Kotori inside a Python virtualenv in order to isolate the installation from the local Python environment on your machine to protect against dependency woes.

Your installation will not require root permissions and the Python libraries of your system distribution will stay completely untouched.

See next section for how to setup a Python virtulenv environment. See also Hacking on Kotori for getting hold of the git repository when installing from source.

# Create virtualenv
make virtualenv

# Activate virtualenv
source .venv2/bin/activate


Install from package repository

Downgrade pip due to “BackendUnavailable” error with pip >= 19.0.0:

pip install pip==18.1 --upgrade --force-reinstall

Install Kotori:

# Install latest Kotori release with extra feature "daq"
pip install --process-dependency-links kotori[daq]

# Install more extra features
pip install --process-dependency-links kotori[daq,export]

# Install particular version
pip install --process-dependency-links kotori[daq,export]==0.15.0

Install directly from git repository

pip install --editable git+[daq]