Setup on Arch Linux


Install the whole stack on an Arch Linux-based system. The package repository supports architectures amd64 and armhf as of 2016-05-23.

It is currently made of these free and open source software components:

  • InfluxDB, a time-series database
  • MongoDB, a document store (optionally)
  • Grafana, a graph and dashboard builder for visualizing time series metrics
  • Mosquitto, a MQTT message broker
  • Kotori, a data acquisition, graphing and telemetry toolkit

Setup steps


# Install "dpkg" package manager
yaourt dpkg

# Download amd64 package

# Download armhf package

# Setup package
dpkg -i kotori_*.deb


Check for recent versions at, we also have packages for other architectures (e.g. armhf for RaspberryPi).

Getting started

Follow along at Getting started to configure and use your first Kotori application.