Grafana Handbook

Linking and embedding

It is pretty easy to link to and embed Grafana dashboards and panels.

For linking to whole dashboards, use the /dashboard entrypoint:

For linking to or embedding single panels without any chrome, use the /dashboard-solo entrypoint and select the designated panel using the query parameter panelId=5:

Time ranges



absolute time

Navigate to a specific time range with boundaries formatted as human readable datetime string.

This is a weight-loss event from The "Beutenkarl" scale recorded on 2016-05-20 between 10:11 and 10:26 hours CEST after a bee colony started swarming at the Hiveeyes Labs Beehive in Berlin Wedding, see also 2016-05-20 Schwarmalarm.


Please recognize the offset in absolute hours when viewing this from a different time zone than UTC. In european summer, we usually have CEST, which has an UTC Offset of “UTC +2”.