Data acquisition with Arduino


Add complete example for Arduino.

Use JSON on Arduino

Arduino JSON library, an elegant and efficient JSON library for embedded systems:

// Prepare data, build JSON object

StaticJsonBuffer<256> jsonBuffer;

JsonObject& root = jsonBuffer.createObject();
root["weight"]      = 84.84f;
root["humidity"]    = 60.08f;
root["temperature"] = 28.90f;

// Debugging

// Serialize data
char payload[256];
root.printTo(payload, sizeof(payload));

// This will print:
// {"weight":84.84,"humidity":60.08,"temperature":28.90}

Transmit data from Homie

Homie is an MQTT convention for the IoT. homie-esp8266 is the corresponding ESP8266 framework implementation. This section tries to give a short introduction about how to publish telemetry data from a Homie-based firmware in JSON format to the MQTT bus.

  1. Use a configuration like:

        "name": "slartibartfast",
        "device_id": "node-1",
        "wifi": {
            "ssid": "Network_1",
            "password": "I'm a Wi-Fi password!"
        "mqtt": {
            "host": "",
            "port": 1883,
            "base_topic": "mqttkit-1/testdrive/area-42/"


Especially have a look at the parameters base_topic and device_id: They make up the prefix parts of an appropriate MQTT topic string. See also Data acquisition over MQTT for general information about MQTT telemetry data publishing.

  1. Use code like:

    HomieNode jsonNode("data", "__json__");


This will make up the suffix part data/__json__ of an appropriate recognized MQTT topic string.